The Gift of Giving Back

The holiday season is just around the corner, and this year, why not give your loved ones presents that have the power to change people’s lives.  Because it is so easy to get caught up with material possessions, we decided to put together a list of our favorite gifts that are attached to incredible causes, all of which benefit the people of Africa.  ‘Tis the season, after all…

1. Statement Tees

FACE Africa has an ambitious yet simple goal: CLEAN, SAFE DRINKING WATER  for every single person in Liberia. We fund and support sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects and have provided safe drinking water to thousands in the country since 2009. In 2011 we launched a line of t-shirts to raise awareness and funds for our water and sanitation projects in Liberia. Not your basic tees, the FACE Africa tees are light-weight and super soft with a burnt-out texture. Choose from White, Gray or Granite.


2. Radiate from Within

Started by a couple from Nigeria, West Africa, Shea Radiance creates beautiful body care products from ingredients that come from renewable and sustainable sources in Africa. Their products have been compared to those of The Body Shop, Carol’s Daughter and L’Occitaine. It’s fair trade shea butter that empowers women in Nigeria, one product at a time.


3. The Give Back! Project Gives Back

The Year of the Tiger tote was created to raise awareness about the disappearing Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, and Leopards of Africa and Asia. There are only 3,200 Tigers left in the wild and Lions could be extinct by the year 2020. All proceeds from sales benefit the Big Cat Initiative, sponsored by National Geographic. To purchase online, go to Etsy or, or email


4. Hope for the Future

There is a farm in rural West Africa, run by Ma Feeta, that is home to 86 orphaned children.  At Rainbow Town, the children have hope for a brighter future. They have created one-of -a-kind artwork that is hand-painted at Rainbow Town by an orphaned child.  When a painting is purchased, proceeds go directly towards the education of a war-affected Liberian student.  Liberian designer Korto Momolu of Project Runway is a Goodwill Ambassador. For more information about Rainbow Town, please visit


5. Shop for a Cause is a new online marketplace featuring designer items at up to 80% off! Like this Yves Saint Laurent Croc Embossed bag for only $600! Every time you shop on I-ELLA, you give.  10% of every transaction fee goes to one of  three charity partners, so you can shop with a guilt-free conscious.  This season, take your holiday shopping to Referral code FACE7


6. “Keep Changing, Keep Blooming…”

100% Natural Hibiscus based juice that is refreshing, nutritious and only 60 calories!  Bloom Juice is not simply a beverage manufacturer, but also a socially responsible company, that integrates social values and mission within their decision making process. Founded by a young Liberian, the company is in the process of establishing production operations in Liberia which will have various social, economical and environmental impact.


7. Economically Sustainable Kicks

Sneaker line Oliberte is the first international footwear company to work exclusively in Africa making premium casual shoes. Presently building up operations in Liberia and manufacturing and sourcing leather in Ethiopia, the company looks to work in over 10 African countries in the coming years. The shoes are currently being sold in Canada, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia at retailers like Urban Outfitters. By purchasing a pair of Oliberte footwear, you’re contributing to the development of a thriving middle class in Africa.


8. Liberty and Justice for All

Liberty and Justice operates a factory in Liberia that currently produces t-shirts and other cotton knit apparel through a vertically-aligned supply chain that spans from the country’s rural cotton fields all the way to the Port of Monrovia. Their Liberian Women Sewing Project empowers women with the capital and technical assistance they need to operate small and medium sized businesses and in turn become agents of change in their communities. They have teamed up with a host of amazing young designers including Whitney Port and Korto Momolu for limited edition pieces, proceeds of which will benefit various social programs in Liberia. There’s nothing better than fashion for a cause.


9. Rwanda Knit Scarves 

These luxurious scarves designed by Whitney Port, are made by women in Rwanda who are a part of The Urban Village – a place where they can work daily, produce goods, and sell them back in the United States for a profit.  The scarves are silk/mohair, and they are perfect for the winter weather. 100% of the proceeds go back to these women to help sustain their families health, affording them enough to provide food, and stabilizing a working economy.


10. Sweet Treats

To do some more good for FACE Africa, Whitney Port has partnered up with Sweet E’s Mini Bake Shop in Los Angeles to create a one of a kind cupcake!  “Whittie’s Cinnaminnie,” dripping in cinnamon and sugary delight, will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth.  Perfect for gifts and holiday parties, a portion of the proceeds from her cupcake will benefit FACE Africa.  Head to Sweet E’s to order yours today!

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